Tax School FAQ

Why teach taxes by hand when virtually all tax professionals utilize software when preparing returns?

We want you to succeed in tax preparation not data entry!  Learning taxes by hand allows students to see the relationship of the information across all forms and to better understand where the information seen on software prepared forms comes from. 

Why is there a cost to attend Tax School?

The course is FREE!  Cost is for the book only, which is yours to keep.  We work hard to keep costs low.  Consequently, we are able to offer our award winning tax school to the public for far less than a public university. 

Will Jackson Hewitt hire me after I complete the course?

While we cannot guarantee employment upon course completion, we have entry level positions available each year and welcome successful tax school students to apply.

Am I required to sign a non-compete agreement when I complete Jackson Hewitt Tax School?

No.  You are not required to work for us and may take the knowledge you gain in tax school with you wherever you go.  Whether you are looking to gain the skills necessary to enter the tax preparation field with us, want to brush up on individual tax knowledge before resuming your private practice, or looking to gain more understanding of your own tax circumstances, we welcome the opportunity to assist you. 

Does Jackson Hewitt accept payment arrangements for course fees?

Students wishing to reserve space in a class who do not wish to pay for the course at enrollment may make a deposit on the course ($25 minimum) and make payments.  Books will not be issued until all course fees are paid.  All book fees must be paid prior to the start of class.  No refunds will be issued after first day of class.


For additional information please contact us at or (719) 352-9400

Ask us how you can earn college credit for successfully completing Tax School.