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Personal Taxes

Get Every Dollar You DeserveSM

At Jackson Hewitt, preparing income tax returns is what we do. We'll take the time to ask all the right questions so you'll get all the deductions and credits you deserve. And that could mean more money in your pocket.

We are proud to provide our customers with quality and convenient tax preparation options, such as:
  • Priority Appointment Service
  • Convenient Walk-in Service
  • Drop-off Services
  • Flexible Refund Options
  • Free W-2 Download
  • Free Accuracy Guarantee
  • Optional Gold Guarantee

We offer an in-depth tax interview


We ask questions to accurately determine your tax liability, identify all of the deductions and credits you're entitled to, and work to get you the biggest refund or lowest liability possible.


ProFiler® Software


We conduct each tax interview on ProFiler, our proprietary tax preparation system with built-in error detection to double-check calculations every step of the way.  


Free Audit Assistance


If you receive an audit notice from the IRS, contact your local Jackson Hewitt office immediately and we will appear with you at the audit to explain how your tax return was prepared.
Please note that Jackson Hewitt cannot act as your legal counsel or financial advisor or otherwise represent you in connection with an audit. 


Amended Returns


If you find documentation that you think may result in your ability to claim a larger refund or lower your liability after your return was filed this year, last year or the year before, bring it in to Jackson Hewitt. We’ll even review a prior-year return prepared by you or another tax preparation company and then notify you of any missed deductions or credits. For a fee, we’ll then file the amended return for you. 


Free Accuracy Guarantee – it’s our Basic Guarantee


All paid Jackson Hewitt tax returns come with our Accuracy Guarantee as a part of your FREE Basic Guarantee coverage. This entitles you to reimbursement of penalties and interest charged by a taxing authority if a Jackson Hewitt tax preparer makes a mistake completing your return.  

For an additional fee, you can buy the Gold Guarantee®, and get extra, worry-free coverage.** If you are covered under the Gold Guarantee and a taxing authority notifies you of an error on your return, just contact Jackson Hewitt. After you present your Gold Guarantee certificate, we'll work with you to resolve the issue. The Gold Guarantee may provide you with a reimbursement of any additional tax liability or reduction in your refund amount up to $5,000. All of this coverage is in addition to your coverage under the Basic Guarantee included with every paid tax preparation.

Ask your tax preparer for a copy of the "Commitment to Quality" brochure that explains the terms and conditions of the guarantee.

Product Options: Choose the options that are right for you


When you come to Jackson Hewitt Tax Service, you're entitled to FREE electronic filing (IRS e-file) with paid income tax preparation. When you e-file at Jackson Hewitt, many additional products and services are available to you.


Benefits of e-filing include:

·    Acknowledgement from the IRS within 24 hours that your tax return was received 

·    Secure data transfer 

·    Receipt of your refund faster than you would if you mailed your return to the IRS 

·    Convenience - because you don’t need to mail your tax return

Your Jackson Hewitt tax preparer will explain all the product options that are available to you when you e-file, and then you can choose the ones that are right for you.